Monday, June 22, 2009

XM SIRIUS Lousy Service Costs them a customer

I recently experienced such poor service from XM SIRIUS, I had no option but to cancel my service. Sadly, no one there gave a crap. A manager was supposedly was calling me back within 48 hours and that hasn't happened in 14 days.
The worst thing about this, for the cash strapped and customer losing XM, is that they owe me a refund, money they already had in the bank.

Why would a company not listen to a customer who has already paid for the company's services.

Go figure

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stop telling me Lean Six Sigma is a strategic initiative

I'm sick and tired of hearing how Lean Six Sigma is a strategic initiative. What a bunch of crap! You and I know that most people have no idea of their organization's strategy. The executives of the organization have no clue.
I believe the following quotes from Gary Harpst's Six Disciplines for Excellence (and I believe the quotes actually are Kaplan and Norton's) are truer today than they have ever been.
“An astounding 90% of well formulated strategies fail due to poor execution.”
“Only 5% of employees understand their (firm’s) corporate strategy.”
“Only 3% of executives think their company is very successful at executing its strategies.”
Nearly 80% of C-level executives say their strategies are critical to success, yet are “nearly impossible to achieve.”
Approximately “75% of business improvement initiatives to solve these problems fail due to lack of sustainability.” (Refer to “Doom Loop” of Good to Great by Jim Collins.)
“The biggest problem in business is poorly executed strategies and plans” … Gary Harpst.

Give me a break, there is nothing strategic about your Lean Six Sigma initiative or projects for the vast majority of you.

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