Sunday, May 23, 2010

More about my platform as Governor of Vermont

As many other states have experienced a sharp decline on tax revenues and sharp increases in costs, so has Vermont. To make matters worse, every candidate running, except me, has had a hand in allowing costs to increase while tax revenues decreased. Every candidate is running on their leadership skills that have led to this mess. Lt. Governor Brian Dubie has the audacity to run on this message on his web site, “Forbes magazine recently ranked the states from one to fifty based on favorable business climate.
They ranked Vermont third from the bottom.”
Hello? Where have you been? Where is the leadership? Why should we trust you now? A true leader is measured by his ability to skillfully influence others while not having the formal authority over the other person.

I believe among Vermont’s greatest attributes are its quality of life and its environment. Vermonters (of all races, religions, genders, class, and sexual orientations), businesses, and tourists are drawn to Vermont as result of our quality of life and spectacular environment.

I’m proposing a realistic strategy that will lead to long term growth that will further enhance our quality of life without compromising our environment.

My primary focus as an Independent Governor is to;
  1. Cut state waste and spending while improving productivity – before we can cut taxes, we need to get our cost structure under control. We will reduce the cost of government and healthcare. We will improve the productivity of our State’s services so we can handle the expected growth in jobs and businesses without adding costs. This will ensure that when we can responsible cut taxes.
  2. Retain our businesses and create an infrastructure that enables businesses to grow – by improving the productivity of the State’s services will provide better service to our citizens and businesses. We will identify and remove nonsensical barriers that the state has imposed on businesses that limit businesses growth. However, we WILL not compromise our environment to do so nor will we compromise our spectacular quality of life.
  3. Develop a cost-conscious culture – immediately, all managers who manage a budget will be taught how to manage their budgets with an emphasis on identifying productivity improvements that will reduce the cost of their operations. The managers will be held accountable for driving down the costs of their services WHILE improving their services quality, timeliness and customer satisfaction.
  4. Cut Taxes - cut taxes without compromising our quality of life, without compromising our education system, without compromising the environment.
Over the years, I've honed my deep expertise in helping organizations, private and public sector, decrease costs, improve productivity, improve customer satisfaction and yes drive growth.
I can do the same for the Green Mountain state.
My prior experience and expertise includes doing the following; (as a matter of fact, I'm probably the only candidate who has actual experience doing the following with the exception of cutting taxes but neither do the other candidates. LOL)

I need your help getting on the ballot. Please download my signature petition to help me get signatures, asap. You can download this petition here . Contact me to pick up the petitions


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