Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We the people

"We the people" are some of the most beautiful words penned! Think about how profound, "We the people" is. "We the people" are free to make our own decisions, except for having to buy a healthcare plan. We the people can are empowered to make our own decisions in our lives while increasingly becoming less accountable for any negative outcomes that may have stemmed from our poor decisions. "We the people" with our purchasing power have the ability to abandon of neighbors businesses and destroy their livlihood to shop at Walmart, so we can buy extra junk for our overweight or obese children. "We the people" have access to great daycare facilities, also known as schools. "We the people" can go to any emergency room for services regardless of our ability to pay. "We the people" have the right to incessantly complain about our government and personal situations yet do nothing to improve the situation. "We the people" can continually demand more services and protection from the government at someone else's expense. "We the people" are free to abandon our neighbors, towns, counties, and states by shopping online to avoid paying taxes on our purchases. "We the people" can complain about the price of healthcare and demand lower prices while fully understanding that "We the people" being overweight or obese are one of the top drivers of healthcare costs."We the people" want to be empowered and yet unaccountable for our selvesWe the people ... [please add on]


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